Building homes

We're proud to be a leading provider of affordable homes for rent, shared ownership and outright sale in the South West, with nearly half a century's experience. Well, another 10 years we'll be there!

We own and manage 12,000 homes, in nine local authority areas that make up Somerset and the West of England. Our annual turnover is in excess of £48m and we employ around 440 people.

Our track record delivering high quality developments is excellent, with a range of apartments and houses, in both urban and rural locations. To budget. And did we mention that we're a Homes and Communities Agency lead investment partner? As well as a long standing approved development partner of Local Authorities in the West of England and Somerset? So we have masses of experience working with partners and bringing together our joint requirements and standards for social housing.

Our development team have loads of experience building homes, but once our residents move in our work doesn't stop there. We have specialist teams who work in our neighbourhoods to help people build strong and sustainable communities.

Everyone who moves into our new homes can be confident that their home will be well maintained, and we don't take any nonsense when it comes to anti social behaviour. We make sure it's dealt with.

All for the benefit of our customers, as we know everyone's home is their castle.

If you'd like to work with us, or maybe have land or a building to sell please get in touch with:

Caroline Hughes
Head of Development
T: 01934 526159

If you're looking for a new home with us, visit our New homes for sale page.