Our Customer Contact Team

We’re the team who you get in touch with, whether you choose to get in touch online, by phone or email. We're a friendly bunch as you can see!

No two days are the same for us, to be honest no two calls are the same! We never know what we’ll be asked and that’s what makes our job so interesting. As well as the many IT systems we use to access and record information ... we all need great troubleshooting skills, and lots of space in our heads to remember those quirky facts.

We speak to around 350 of you every day, which can go up to 500 in the colder months! The weather plays a big part in this with cold draughts through windows, and boilers playing up as they kick start into overdrive after months of not being used.

Some enquiries can be sorted in minutes, others take a bit longer as we need to look into them to make sure we get the best result for you. Here's some of the regular enquiries we get:

We aim to resolve your enquiry at the first point of contact, where we can. Where we’re not able to do this, we pass it on to someone who can. We don't want to pass you from pillar to post, as we know how frustrating that is!  

We're really proud to be the voice of Knightstone and to deliver excellent customer service. We love it when you, colleagues and contractors visit us so we can celebrate what we do and get feedback. We make sure we use feedback and experiences, and share with other teams if we need to, to make our services even better.

Here's how you can get in touch.