We have homes for affordable or social rent, intermediate rent and market rent:

What is affordable or social rent?

If you're in need of a home, you can bid through a choice based lettings scheme for an affordable or social rented home with us.

We let homes on affordable or social rents to single people, couples and families who may not be able to afford to buy or rent in the private sector. These homes are for people who have a housing need and who are not usually looking to rent on a short term or temporary basis.

Affordable rents are set at 80% of the open market rent and include the cost of any services, for example cleaning and maintenance of common areas. Most of our newer homes will have this sort of rent.

Social rents are worked out according to a formula set by the Government. If there are any services with the home, we add on a charge to the rent. These rents (including the service charge) will normally be lower than affordable rents.

To see the choice based lettings websites we use in our area, take a look here.

And here's a summary of our lettings policy.

What is intermediate rent?

You can rent a brand new home for normally 20-30% lower than the market rent, for a similar home in a similar area.

Intermediate rent is a great option for you if you’re not:

  • Able to get an affordable/social rent
  • Ready to buy a home
  • Able to get a mortgage at the moment. 

Homes are usually let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy basis, with a six month contract period.

Are you eligible and how do you apply?

To find out if you're eligible or to apply please give us a call or send us an email.

Here's a guide to intermediate rent and our lettings policy for intermediate rent.

What is market rent?

You can rent some homes with us at open market rent, and there's no eligibility criteria.

You'll go through the same process as if you were renting with a private landlord and we'll take up references. We advertise most of these homes through local letting agents.

As an experienced and responsible landlord, we're really pleased to be able to offer open market rent homes. We'll manage the tenancy and deal with repairs and maintenance, and you can rest assured that our out of hours service will be on hand to deal with an emergency, 24/7.

Market rent homes and apartments are mostly in the Bristol area. There's a block in Frenchay, with two and four bedroom apartments, very close to the University of West of England - great value accommodation for student sharers we think!

Will any of my data be shared?

Click here to read our Data Sharing Agreement.

Ready to find your home with us? Go to our Find a home page to search for your new home to rent at a market price. Or find out more about Renting an affordable home.

And if you'd like to know more about who we let homes to, and the type of homes we offer, have a look at our lettings summary.