Happy chefs: Five young people cook up an Italian treat at the Yeovil Foyer

21 January 2014

Five young residents who receive support at the Yeovil Foyer, took part in a cooking session on Monday 20 January.

The young people took part in the session to gather evidence for their MyPad Award portfolios. The MyPad Award (also known as the Tenant Accreditation Award) is made up of five units:

Cooking is part of the second unit of the Award – ‘Keeping safe and well’. It involves planning, shopping for, preparing and cooking a range of healthy meals. To encourage the young people to develop their personal skills, the training staff at the Foyer encourage them to eat together as a group and contribute to the clearing up afterwards.

This is followed by an evaluation to see if the meal turned out as planned and if the young people could have done anything differently to make it healthier or more balanced. On this occasion, the young people made a very successful (and tasty) lasagne, which everyone really enjoyed.

Rhian Kivits, P2i Training Coordinator at Knightstone said, ‘Achieving the MyPad Award is an important step towards moving on for these young people, who are receiving support from the Pathways to Independence service (a support service for young people aged 16-24 who are at risk of homelessness). Future landlords will be more likely to let homes to these young people, if they have a qualification which shows they can maintain their tenancies and live independently.

The regular cooking sessions encourage the young people to engage positively with us and each other, and start to think more about what they’re eating and how they can manage on a tight budget. The Foyer is always filled with delicious smells on a Monday afternoon and it’s great to see the young people enjoying themselves in the kitch


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