Nick Horne chairs launch of major housing report

06 March 2014

Our Chief Executive, Nick Horne, last night chaired the West of England launch of a major report by the National Housing Federation.

The report, Home Truths 2013/14: South West, warns of a housing crisis in the region. It highlights the fact that while workers in the South West have seen the average wage rise by just 26% between 2002 and 2012, house prices have rocketed more than twice as fast – by 55%.

The report blames the South West’s housing crisis on the shortage of affordable homes in the region. In the West of England, less than half of the homes needed are being built. In 2012/13 more than 5,200 new households were formed in the West, but just 2,140 homes were built during this time. 

Speaking about the report, Nick Horne said: “This report throws into stark relief the problems we face in the West of England in relation to housing. The truth of the matter is that more homes are needed to house the growing population and to ensure that having a roof over your head is a right not just for those on higher incomes. There is a chronic undersupply of housing in the West of England, including affordable housing. 

“It was great to see so many people at the launch of Home Truths last night. It’s so important that we get this message out in the open and that decision makers learn of the importance of building new homes. Housing associations like Knightstone work tirelessly to house those in most need and to build stable communities, but more needs to be done to enable this to happen.”

 Speaking at the launch with Nick Horne were Paul Wilson, CEO of the West of England Local Economic Partnership, and Councillor Tim Ball, Chair of the Local Economic Partnership’s Infrastructure and Place Group and Cabinet Member for Homes and Planning in Bath and North East Somerset.

You can see the Home Truths report here


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