Big clean up day in Hartcliffe is a great success!

14 March 2014

We’ve worked with local residents, Bristol City Council and May Gurney Limited, to put on a clean up event at Upjohn Crescent in Hartcliffe.

The event took place on Thursday 13 March and many from the local community turned out to help each other and filled a large number of skips. The Dogs Trust were also in the area providing free micro-chipping.

Sophie Burns, Community Empowerment Officer, said ‘Despite the day being quite dreary and foggy, the community really came together in what turned out to be an incredibly productive day.

Well done everybody – what a huge success!’


  • Mrs Mandy Smith

    it was an astounding success, and because of this another clean up day is being arranged...but it would be nice if the skips were positioned better, at the end of the day, the whole road is being shut off from transport, which means the skips will not be blocking anybodies way, being this is the case, it would be helpful if the skips where more spaced up and down and in the middle rather than all up just one end of the street, this is okay for those residents who live closer to where they're positioned, but not so easy and helpful to those of us who live at the opposite end of this long street.

  • Emma Cooke

    Thanks for your feedback Mrs Smith. I'll pass your comments on to Sophie.

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