We've been rated a Top Quartile Performer for gas safety management

17 March 2014

We've been benchmark assessed as a Top Quartile Performer for gas safety management, by Corgi Technical Services.

An audit was carried out by Corgi between September and October last year, following a recommendation by the Audit and Assurance Committee to evaluate our approach as part of our business assurance process.

The audit involved detailed investigations, and interviews with staff from across the business, in building services, housing management, maintenance and customer contact. The scope of the audit was also wide ranging, covering everything from servicing activity, to administration and governance.

The evaluation concluded that, when compared to other housing associations, our performance is top quartile, effectively resourced and managed, and performing well.

Eddie Lowkis, Building Services Manager, said ‘Gas management is a vital part of our property compliance services, and this is an excellent result for Knightstone.

We’re always looking to perform even better, so we’ve drafted an action plan based on audit recommendations, which we’ll now be delivering over the coming months.’


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