Young residents at Foyers show talent at basketball sessions

24 March 2014

Residents from the Bristol and Yeovil Foyers took part in basketball ‘Ignite Days’ on Wednesday 12 March and Thursday 13 March.

The young adults joined Carl Miller, an ex pro basketball player, and Foyer staff to engage positively through sport and use that as a platform to talk about skills and talents, and how best to develop those in the future.

The ‘Ignite Days’ are part of the ‘Open Talent Service Development Programme’ – a Foyer Federation initiative – which Knightstone Housing are working in partnership on, to deliver at the Foyers. The ‘Open Talent’ concept looks at changing the way organisations work with young people; helping them to build on and develop their talents and strengths, rather than focusing mainly on problems and behaviours that may need to change.

Penny Schofield, Training and Development Manager said, ‘The Foyer Federation’s ‘Open Talent’ approach is a really great way of working with the young adults at the Foyers.

We want to engage with and motivate these young people positively, helping them discover and build the strengths and talents that will take them forward in life in a way that works for them; sport is a great way to start a more positive conversation about their future.’

The Foyer Federation has given £2,500 to each Foyer to help support the young adults to work together on a project which will help them to identify, practice and develop their employability skills, without the need to set foot into a classroom environment.


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