We deliver successful computer session, in partnership with The Stroke Association

01 April 2014

Yesterday, we delivered a computer session for 20 people who have suffered from strokes, as part of our ‘Digital Digits’ programme.

The session took place at Summer Lane Care Home in Worle. Local volunteers helped residents to get online and use computers, some of whom had never been online before.

The session, which was organised in partnership with The Stroke Association, introduced residents to technology which can help them with day to day life and their confidence and communication.

They tried out speech training apps, which show visuals of mouth movements that can help with speech retraining. They also tried a number of games to help them with arm and hand movement, and motor control.

Ele Regan, Volunteer Coordinator at Knightstone said, ‘This was a great event to be a part of. The residents really enjoyed using the speech training apps and audio programmes, and we hope that they will go on to use them in the future.’

The session was one of a number of events we are doing, as part of Digital Unite’s Spring Online national campaign taking place this week. This initiative makes it possible for thousands of people, often older people, to try out using computers and tablets and the internet, many for the first time.

We won the award for Spring Online Best Event Award last year, for our ‘Digital Digits’ project in Bath, specifically aimed at helping older people get online.

We are holding another computer session on Monday 7 April at the Curzon cinema in Clevedon, 10.30am-12pm. This is for anybody who is interested in finding out more about getting online and trying it out. Find out more here.


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