We donate items to school in rural Zambia

20 May 2014

We've donated 50 drawstring bags full of items such as pens, beach balls and torches, to a school in rural Solwezi in Zambia.

The Beacon of Hope Community School was set up by New Life Church Bristol in partnership with Path of Life Ministries in Zambia, as part of its School4kids project.

The school was opened earlier this year, and now supports and educates 50 young children from the poorest part of Solwezi.

The donated items came from our office in Bristol, following our rebrand and office closure in late 2013.

Our Development Manager, David Summerhill, who is also a trustee of the UK charity that administrates the School4kids project, collected and sent over the items just before Easter this year.

David said, ‘It’s really great that we’ve been able to put Knightstone’s old brand stock to such good use. The wind up torches are particularly valuable as the majority of these children will not have access to any electric light sources.’

‘School4kids is an extremely worthwhile programme, which encourages people to sponsor children in need. The support offered to these children through the project by The Beacon of Hope School will equip them with the skills they need to live fulfilled lives and break out of poverty.’

More information about the individual children supported and the School4kids project can be found at www.school4kids.org, where you can also sign up to sponsor a child at The Beacon of Hope Community School in Zambia.


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