Residents of Junction 3 get growing in their local underpass

10 June 2014

On Sunday 8 June residents of Junction 3, Easton took part in Bristol’s Get Growing Trail. The Trail was designed to showcase community gardening projects around the city.

As part of the trail, the J3 Get Growing Group launched their edible garden in the J3 underpass of the M32 motorway in Easton. The group started the project with two new raised beds in the underpass, part of a skills sharing workshop by Edible Futures.

The group formed a few months ago when some of the residents at Junction 3 came together to think creatively about the space and how it could be improved. The keen gardeners started developing ideas for a gardening project, and made contact with the council to get things started. The council have backed the project, and George Ferguson got involved at the J3 pop up market, held on 6 May.

The group are now planting their first vegetables, with passers by volunteering to help.

Bethan Carr, resident at J3 and member of the Get Growing Group said “We love having access to an outdoor space we can meet and garden in, and right next to our flats! We are growing so many different types of vegetables, fruit and herbs. The more we can grow, the more people in our community can have access to healthy and affordable fresh produce.”

Jane Edmonds, Assistant Director added “We’re pleased that this project is now off the ground, and to have support from the council is great. The group have been working hard and it’s a good project to bring the community together.”


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