Community Empowerment news: Residents in Bradley Stoke have redesigned their communal space

28 July 2014

Residents from Cross Tree Grove in Bradley Stoke have made a huge difference to their cul-de-sac green space, which has been redesigned to benefit the whole community.

In 2013, residents from Cross Tree Grove, Bradley Stoke, told us that the green space in their cul-de-sac could be a much better community facility. The area was fenced off, dividing Knightstone residents from private tenants on the other side, so dividing the neighbourhood. Ball games were discouraged due to the nuisance it caused residents of nearby properties, and children would only use the space to climb over the fence as a shortcut to and from school.

We held a Green Space Road Show in February 2013 to speak to the community and listen to their visions for the redesign of the space.; Many of the best ideas came from younger residents!

We enlisted the help of Touch Wood, a specialist woodworking enterprise based in Bristol, to design and build a feature that provided seating and shelter. We also worked with Strawberry Steels, metalwork artists in Somerset, to design a metal gateway to open up the space, and Mark Walker, Garden Designer, to create beds attractive to the eye and to wildlife. The community were involved at all stages of the design and build – with families and very young children stripping bark from timber, hand carving shapes in wood, and digging foundation holes for posts to go into.

Together, we’ve created an improved communal environment which, at the same time, has built and strengthened community relations by bringing neighbours together to get involved.

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