Community Empowerment news: Moving towards a child-friendly estate in Frome

28 July 2014

This summer we’re working with residents and our partners, Barnardos Play Rangers and the Police, to encourage the children of Ecos Court in Frome to play safely outside.

Our residents at Ecos Court in Frome told us that enabling children to play safely and considerately is a key concern for them. So we’re working together to create a child-friendly estate.

‘Playing out’ is a big part of daily life at Ecos Court, but a lack of quality play space means children play, scoot or cycle on roads and driveways. Residents report vehicles driving at speed, especially in the evening when the estate also comes alive with children at play.

Our Community Empowerment Officer, Emily Osler, enlisted the help of local PCSO Shelley Day to deliver a practical road safety session for children. Shelley accompanied children and parents on a walking bus to Frome police station where children learnt more about staying safe and took a trip to the cells!

Over the summer, Barnardos Play Rangers are leading play sessions on the estate and in the local park to encourage children to engage with their environment safely and imaginatively, and discover their play habits and preferences. Supported by us, residents hope to create a safer and more attractive environment for play and recreation. This could include physical speed reduction measures and features to highlight the presence of vulnerable road users, along with a series of play zones and features which enable safe navigation and inclusive and sociable play for all.

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Photo: Children from Ecos Court with their road safety certificates


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