Community Empowerment news: Successful partnership with Community Payback in Bridgwater

28 July 2014

We’ve worked together with residents of Birch Close, Bridgwater, in partnership with Community Payback, to tidy up their neighbourhood and make it a better place to live.

Birch Close in Bridgwater is part of a community that has been prioritised for community work in the town.

Residents there are now celebrating the removal of an eye sore after we worked with Community Payback to clear up six parking spaces. These spaces had become an unsightly, overgrown area regularly used for fly tipping.

Our Community Empowerment Officer, Sally Hill, and Housing Officer, Jemma Trigger, listened to what residents wanted to see happen in the area.  They told us that they used to sit out with their garden chairs and chat to each other. We also heard about neighbourhood disputes that were happening due to a lack of parking. They all told us they wanted the space back again.

So we set out to restore the parking places and make it possible for people to enjoy sitting out with friends and neighbours. We’ve worked well with Community Payback before, so we held a site visit, hired a skip and booked the support of an eight strong team to help clear the area.

Armed with refreshments and tools we met the team on a Sunday in June. In just three hours the site was cleared. One of the local residents, Debbie, was immensely supportive and joined us in complimenting the excellent Payback team. Plans are coming together now for a celebratory BBQ and for the area to be tarmacked.

This is one local example of a developing partnership approach to improving wellbeing in the wider community.

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