We've been recognised for best practice in supporting residents through Welfare Reform

11 July 2014

We've been recognised by the Citizens Advice Bureau as delivering best practice in our response to the Government’s welfare reforms.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has today published five examples of best practice, including a case study about us. We were recognised for the work we've done to refocus our business model to support residents, helping them to build financial resilience, putting them in a better position to face reducing incomes. 

Nick Horne, Chief Executive at Knightstone, said: ‘We’re delighted to be recognised as an example of best practice. We invest over £2 million per year in our Individual and Community Empowerment service to support residents to make a real difference in their own lives and in their communities.

‘In the face of austerity and welfare reforms, we’re investing more in people and places to ensure our neighbourhoods are great places to live in and to support our residents in the choices they make to improve their lives for the long term. Staff here have worked tirelessly to ensure that our residents are in the best possible position to tackle the reduction in their incomes. We’ll continue to do this, to work for the best outcomes for our residents and our business’

The Citizens Advice Bureau has published the case studies on their website here

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