We've launched our 'Doorstep standard' film

01 July 2014

We've launched our latest film, ‘Doorstep standard’, to show our new property maintenance contractors the level of service they are expected to deliver to our residents. You can see it here.

The film comes after we announced the results of our recent maintenance contract reprocurement project, which sees us investing up to £90 million over the next 10 years in our homes across the West of England and Somerset. The standard was developed with residents and contractors. 

David Greenhalgh, our Assistant Director, said: “We take customer service very seriously at Knightstone and wanted to ensure that our new contractors really understood the level of service we expect them to provide. It’s easy to talk about this in a meeting room, or to write a list of dos and don’ts, but we wanted to bring this to life and show contractors the rapport we like to build with the residents we visit. 

‘We will be rolling this out to contractors through a series of toolbox talks with their operatives. It’s really important for contractors to understand that they are very much the “face” of Knightstone and have a huge impact on what residents think about the overall service we provide. 

‘The ‘Doorstep standard’ film takes serious messages and delivers them in a fun, easy-to-digest way. It also shows residents the level of service they should expect from any of our contractors and what they can expect when someone visits their home – although usually we don’t take a camera!’ 

As well as signing up to the ‘Doorstep standard’ our new contractors had to show a commitment to providing social value, investing in the communities in which they operate. The contracts for our response maintenance services have gone live


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