We've recruited a new digital team to help residents get online

19 September 2014

We've launched our new Digital Inclusion Team to help residents get online and access digital services.

The team, which includes a Programme Coordinator and two Outreach Workers, will be working across our operating area in the West of England and Somerset to support residents through projects, training and advice.

The new team is part of our Digital Inclusion Strategy which aims to ensure all communication with residents is done digitally by default by 2016. We've already invested over £500,000 in new technology for staff, so that they can offer a better, faster, more responsive service to residents, in whatever location.

The new digital team will start by building on our award winning ‘Digital Digits’ project in Bath which helped many older residents and local people to use computers. They’ll be supporting residents to access local training opportunities and one-to-one support, to help increase their confidence with, and take up of, online services.

Simon Savage, our Digital Inclusion Programme Coordinator said, ‘I’m looking forward to delivering a programme that will see more residents online and making good use of the benefits this brings. This work perfectly complements our existing Welfare Reform and Into Work strategies, which collectively help residents with their finances and getting into employment.’

Jane Edmonds, Assistant Director at Knightstone said, ‘Despite the digital world of today, many of our residents still have difficulty accessing online services so are disadvantaged when it comes to applying for work or simply paying household bills. We’ve developed our Digital Inclusion Strategy to help bridge this gap and to respond to residents who’ve told us that they’d like to access more of our services online.

On Wednesday 17 September, the team led a workshop called ‘Digital Divide’ at the Advice North Somerset Conference held in our office. The workshop looked at how we can bridge the gap between those who are already using technology, and those who are not yet online. 


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