We say "Communities Can"!

14 November 2014

We held an event, called ‘Communities Can’, on Friday 7 November, attended by over 70 people from across Somerset and the West of England.

The event, which was held at our head office in Weston, showcased the impact that our Community Empowerment Team is having, both in communities and on the business. Residents, staff and partner agency representatives attended, all of whom had the opportunity to share their stories, achievements and experiences of working in communities across the regions.  

The event included presentations from residents and the premier of our latest film, Power to the People. This was followed by workshops for residents and for regional partners.

David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, was among the speakers at the event.

David said, ‘I think this Community Empowerment event at Knightstone has been absolutely fantastic. There’s been a real flow to it; from the big picture, the reason why it’s being done, to some great stories about the impact that it’s having for people and the neighbourhoods they live in.’

Our Community Empowerment Manager, Pete Davies, said ‘All communities have great potential. It was inspirational to learn about the progress our residents have made in turning their communities around in partnership with us and our partners.’

To watch the film, Power to the People, click here

A film of the event was also produced and is available here or click on the play button at the top of this page.


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