Update on an incident at one of our properties in Taunton

15 December 2014

There has been an explosion in one of our properties in Taunton.

Our first priority is always the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents and their neighbours.  One tenant has been taken to hospital, and our thoughts are with him and his family.  For safety reasons we’ve moved another one of our tenants to a local hotel whilst we ascertain the damage to his property and arrange alternative accommodation.  There are two other adjoining properties which the fire brigade have confirmed are safe.  We’ve spoken to all affected tenants and their neighbours and we’ll continue to update them as we know more.

The area has been cordoned off and the gas and electricity supplies into the two affected flats have been switched off.

We’re working closely with the relevant authorities and services whilst they investigate the cause.  Once we know the cause of the explosion, we’ll be able to start work on the property.

We’re arranging for a structural engineer to visit the property today to advise us how we take things forward form here.

We’ll keep this webpage updated as things progress, so please check back here regularly if you’d like to know more.

Update: 16 December

Yesterday (15 December) we carried out a door knock in the community and spoke to residents and neighbours of the affected properties.  We updated them on what we knew and what we’re doing.  Everyone we spoke to was reassured by our contact and quick response.

Our structural engineer has now  confirmed that we need to remove unstable elements of the roof and masonry.  We’ve arranged for this work to be carried out on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  For safety reasons we won’t be able to let residents of the affected properties into their home until the work has been completed.  The structural engineer has also confirmed that the damage is limited to the two properties.  The adjoining properties are safe.

Update: 17 December

Our maintenance team have been at the property today and have removed the unsafe elements of the roof.  They will be there again tomorrow continuing their work to make the property safe. Our structural engineer is also visiting tomorrow and will let us know if and when it's safe for us to enter. 

Update: 18 December

Our structural engineer has visited the property this morning and has confirmed that it is safe for us to proceed with propping the building and allowing access for removals. This means we are able to press ahead with collecting our tenant's belongings and to help him settle into temporary accommodation.

Update: 19 December

The flats are now empty and temporary accommodation has been arranged. The insurance company and gas supplier have been to the properties today to assess the extent of the damage and investigate the the cause. We await their reports.

We have installed a temporary cover on the roof to make sure the properties are weather proof and will start the major repair works in January.


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