Weston Foodbank stocked up in time for Christmas

24 December 2014

WESTON Foodbank has received a welcome Christmas boost, after it received more than 150 items donated by our staff. 

We donated to the cause after a number of employees took a break from their day job to take on some fund-raising activities. 

We donated items such as tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, tea and coffee, tinned meat, rice, noodles, jam, cereals and biscuits.

Weston Foodbank project manager Sarah Fraser said: “Food banks provide emergency food for people in crisis, so we’re delighted to receive this bumper donation from Knightstone in time for Christmas. It means so much, especially at this time of year. It affects real lives and makes a huge difference. 

“Without the generosity of the local community we wouldn’t be able to run this food bank. It’s great that Knightstone have shown such Christmas spirit by donating items. We would like to thank them for helping us to continue providing a vital lifeline to those in real need.” 

Russell Davies, Individual Empowerment Team Manager, said: “It’s a sad truth that in this day and age people are in genuine need of food banks, especially at this time of year. Our team refers residents who are in particular need of these services all year round. 

“Our staff decided to get involved themselves and donated a huge number of items for people who need them this Christmas. We hope it makes a difference.” 

We'll continue to hold bi-monthly collections, donating to a different food bank every time.


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