Celebrity chef adds support to healthy living event

20 January 2015

Young people from Yeovil attended a healthy living event last week, which included a surprise appearance from celebrity chef Lesley Waters.

We organised the event at Yeovil Foyer, titled ‘#Change1thing’, to help guide young adults toward practical, healthy choices they can make without breaking their budget or disrupting their social lives.

Those who attended the event were able to get information and advice on things like how to quit smoking, sleeping better and exercising regularly. Young people were encouraged to commit to making one positive change for their health and wellbeing for a month, by writing out a personal ‘pledge’.

Lesley Waters, who usually appears on cookery programmes such as Ready Steady Cook, and is a featured chef on This Morning, gave her time to talk to young people about healthy eating and developing their cooking skills on a budget.

Our Assistant Director of Supported Housing, Sonia Furzland, said: “We wanted to create an experience that would help encourage our young residents to make healthy choices.

“Cutting down on alcohol consumption or quitting smoking can really benefit a young person’s long-term health prospects, and save them a lot of money in the process.

“It was great to have Lesley on hand. She helped our residents see that it’s possible to eat well and choose healthy options even when money is tight. Everyone at Yeovil Foyer gained a lot from her advice.”

Lisa Sloan, a young person who attended on the day, said: “It was a really interesting day. I spoke both to staff and Lesley Waters about healthy eating and I decided to make a pledge to eat more healthily.”

This event was part of a year-long project called ‘Healthy Conversations’, designed by the Foyer Federation. We are delivering the project at Yeovil Foyer thanks to funding from the Big Lottery.


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