Lights, camera, social action

02 January 2015

We've launched a series of short films to showcase how we're creating job, volunteering and work experience opportunities for people in the region. 

One film focuses on one of our Bristol-based resident who has been helped into employment by our dedicated Into Work Team, after three years of unemployment. 

Another shared the experiences of seven young people who've been completing apprentcieships with us this year. 

We premiered the films at an event held at our head office on Thursday, which saw over 70 representatives from prominent businesses and the local council in attendance.

The event, called ‘How we create social value’, was all about encouraging our contractors, and other local businesses in North Somerset, to make social value an integral part of the work that they do.

‘Social value’ encourages businesses to implement new ways of working that secure long-term sustainability and, crucially, benefit the wider community, through things like employment opportunities, apprenticeships, work experience and community investment.

We recently became one of the first organisations in the country to be awarded the Social Value Quality Mark for our social value work.

Speaking on the event, Jane Edmonds, our Assistant Director, said: “Our films highlight how social value is helping us to further support our residents and communities by offering employment, work experience and training opportunities.

“As a leader in social value, we hosted this event so our partners and businesses in the region could discover its positive impacts.

“These films demonstrate our continuing investment in people and their communities and we hope we can encourage others to commit to social value – which will, in turn, help to create better futures for those living in the West of England and Somerset.”

To view the films, please visit:


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