New year sees new gardening project started in Yeovil

30 January 2015

Residents of Wyndham Park in Yeovil have started a community garden project to turn unused land into a plot to grow healthy food. 

Residents in the area saw there was a need for somewhere to focus community activities and so, with help from our Community Empowerment Team, have started to turn a patch of unused grass into a community garden.The garden will soon be a place for the residents to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers, and to involve the young people and children who live there in the production of healthy food.

Jane Edmonds, our Assistant Director for Individual and Community Empowerment said, “Wyndham Park is a relatively new development, and until now there has been little opportunity for residents to come together and work towards building a real sense of community.

Now there are plans to build terraces for fruit trees, a permanent seating area and some steps for better access. It’s set to be a real community asset which we hope everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy.”

The community’s first gardening session on the plot will be Saturday 7 February.

The residents are also hoping to enter the garden into the Royal Horticultural Society’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” scheme 2015, as part of South West in Bloom. This has got the support of South Somerset’s ‘Yeovil in Bloom’ Officer, Lesley Jelleyman, who actively gave her support earlier this month, helping to remove the turf and lay the beds ready for the community gardeners.


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