South West energy habits examined in major new study

06 January 2015

People from the South West are taking part in a major new study looking at energy use in the home and how locals might save money on their bills. 

In the region, 15 per cent of people are living in fuel poverty – meaning they struggle to afford to keep warm. Rising energy prices mean that without action this figure is set to rise in the coming years. 

Our residents in Sedgemoor, Taunton and Bristol will have their energy habits monitored over the winter months to understand how energy use might be cut. 

The National Energy StudyTwofollows earlier research which found that regularly checking energy habits can help people save up to £80 a year. 

Mark Beard, Our Director of Customer and Community operations, said: “Through this study we’re helping our residents to examine how they use energy, so they can make savings. 

“It’s great to be part of a national study which looks at reducing people’s energy bills. It will help people in the region to better understand how they can warm their homes more cost effectively.” 

Dr Alan Whitehead, chair of the Labour Party’s Energy and Climate Change Group, said: “People are rightly concerned about rising energy bills. It is important that we understand people’s motivations for changing their energy behaviour so we can make sure that policy makers are communicating to them in the most effective way possible. 

“Knightstone being part of this energy study is a great way to bridge this gap, so we can tailor polices that have the most impact in helping to reduce both bills and emissions.”


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