We're featured as best practice case study in Government review of Social Value Act

18 February 2015

This week we've been featured as a best practice case study in a Government-commissioned review of the Social Value Act.

The Act, which came into force in 2013, established a duty on public bodies to consider the social, economic and environmental impact of their contracting arrangements, as well as the financial factors.

We embedded social value into its maintenance contracts, which were retendered last year and are worth £90 million to the regional economy over the next 10 years.

We're also one of the first organisations in the country to scoop ‘The Social Value Quality Mark’, awarded by the Social Value Network last year.

Jane Edmonds, our Assistant Director, said, “We’re pleased that Knightstone is featured in this review of the Social Value Act. The Act represented an opportunity for us to further our support of residents and communities.

We have ensured that our maintenance contracts benefit our residents not only in terms of the core service provided, but also in terms of added-value offers such as employment, volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities.

Six months into the contracts, we’ve already seen 10 young people secure apprenticeships (in plumbing, administration and accountancy) and four people secure full time jobs.”

We've produced three films which show how embedding social value in services has had a positive impact on residents and the business. Watch them here

Our report on social value, produced last year, can be found here.

The Government report can be found here.


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