We beat target for new homes in South West

07 May 2015

We've beaten our target to build more affordable homes in the South West.

Since 2011, we've delivered nearly 1,000 affordable homes, against an original target of 878.

We've worked with Alliance Homes, United Communities, and SHAL Housing as part of a Key West partnership, to deliver Homes and Communities Agency-funded projects in the region.

Of the homes built, 831 are for affordable and social rent and 141 are for affordable home ownership.

The homes have been completed at locations across our South West heartland, representing an 84 million pound investment in the region.

Mike Day, our Director of Development and Homeownership said: “We’re very proud to have broken our target to deliver more quality affordable homes across the South West at a time when there is a desperate shortage.

“We’re working hard with local authorities and our partners to maximise housing delivery and provide a range of homes to meet local needs, from one bedroom flats to larger family homes.

“The work isn’t done though and we’re committed to building more homes across our heartland. Given the expectations of more house price increases in the next few years, it’s essential that many more affordable homes are built in the region.

“Only by ensuring there is a range of housing options available to people at prices they can afford will the local economy remain competitive.”


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