Young people in Bristol embrace healthy eating on a budget

03 June 2015

A group of young people in Bristol have produced a recipe book and a film, to help others like them to eat more healthily on a tight budget.

The young people, who are all residents of the Bristol Foyer, have been working on the project they called “Health’s Kitchen” for the past few months.

The group was supported by our staff , who offer training to young people at the Foyer, to complete a series of challenges.

During the project, they discovered healthy alternatives to junk food, made their own recipes from a selection of ingredients, and attended a workshop to learn basic cooking skills.

One member of the “Health’s Kitchen” group, Olivia Bisp, said “This recipe book will encourage other young people to change their lifestyle and make better choices with health. A lot of the time they don’t know that there are other options out there. They don’t realise how easy and cost effective it is to eat healthily.”

The project is part of a wider initiative called ‘Healthy Conversations’ which has been run in Foyers up and down the country for the past two years, led by the Foyer Federation.

This initiative tackled health on a wider scale, focusing on both young people’s mental wellbeing and their physical health. It received funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

Sonia Furzland, our Assistant Director of Supported Housing, said “The Health’s Kitchen project has been really successful for the young people involved and has noticeably changed their attitudes around healthy eating.

Young people’s health has a clear impact on other issues we tackle at the Foyer such as housing and employment, as tiredness and hunger make it much more difficult for them to focus and to learn.”

The young people have already started giving out their recipe books to our support workers, so that they can be used to help others.

Watch the “Health’s Kitchen” film here

For more information about the ‘Healthy Conversations’ initiative, click here


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