Our Yeovil Foyer receives ‘TalentS’ award for its investment in young people’s talents

21 August 2015

Our Yeovil Foyer has been awarded a ‘TalentS’ award by national organisation, The Foyer Federation.

The ‘TalentS’ award is awarded to foyers around the country who have clearly demonstrated a proactive and positive approach to developing the talents of the young people they support.

The award was made following months of investment by our Foyer team into different ways of encouraging young people’s talents.

The Foyer ran a nine month Talent Bond programme which awarded 10 young people with bonds of up to £300 to invest in developing their talents. The funding was used by young people for a number of different things.

One young person was awarded a bond for a sewing machine, to develop her skills in making clothes and craft items. Another used the bond to purchase an iPad, to help him develop filming techniques. He is now due to start a media course in September.

The Foyer also developed a Working Assets programme, which engaged a group of young people in designing and then delivering an event to showcase their talents to the public.

Penny Schofield, our Training and Development Manager, said “As well as these two programmes, we also looked at our whole service, with young people, to ensure that our way of working and the language we use consistently focuses on the strengths of our young people, rather than on their weaknesses.

Society as a whole often has a negative perception of young people, without realising the many contributions that they can make with some support and encouragement.

We’re really pleased to have received this award and welcome the light in shines on the many talents of our younger generations.”


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