Bristol residents lead initiative to transform their street

18 September 2015

Our residents on Fulford Road in Hartcliffe have taken the lead on an initiative to transform their street for the benefit of the whole community.

The initiative, called “street pockets”, is being run in neighbourhoods across Bristol by Sustrans, in partnership with local people.

The project successfully received funding from Bristol Green Capital 2015, following our bid.

Our survey revealed that 65% of residents in Fulford Road felt that safety was a concern in their community, with speeding traffic making it unsafe for children to be outside.

50 residents took part in a planning session to decide what they’d like for their road. Even more attended an event held on Tuesday 1 September, to try out the “street pocket” solution, which included seating and planters.

Paula Cleverley, a resident of Fulford Road and project lead, said, “I’m very pleased about the street pockets project here because it will make the road look much better. Hopefully it will also slow traffic down and encourage the whole neighbourhood to join in with different activities outdoors.”

Pete Davies our Community Empowerment Manager, said, “Our residents told us that they were concerned about speeding issues and road safety in the area, and that they wanted a safe environment for children to play in.

“This project gives our residents the opportunity to reclaim and design their street to meet these needs, whilst at the same time building the skills and confidence of the whole community to influence positive change.

“The residents really enjoyed the trial event and early feedback suggests they’re keen for it to become permanent.”

The Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson visited Fulford Road this week as part of a tour around the Hartcliffe area.


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