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10 September 2015

12 members of staff celebrated the completion of their Level 3 certificate in Housing Practice, a qualification run by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

The professional qualification provides a broader knowledge and understanding of key areas in delivering housing services, and includes modules such as ‘Equality and Diversity in Housing’ and ‘Delivery of Affordable Housing Services’.

The staff received their certificates at a celebration ceremony, presented by Vice Chair of Knightstone's Board, Barrie Dale. The event was attended by staff, the CIH course tutor Lynn Thompson, and  Chief Executive Nick Horne.

Ruby Slack, Homeownership Officer who received her certificate said: “Taking up the Level 3 certificate has really broadened my horizons. I’ve learned so much about housing associations and the legal framework, the history of housing and the different acts which were brought in, as well as the different types of tenancy agreement amongst other topics. I love working in housing and it’s great that Knightstone offers courses like this to help you progress your career.”

Lynette Nigh, Assistant Director of Housing Management said “We encourage all our staff to develop their knowledge of the housing sector, not only to further their careers but to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers. Investing in our staff is an important part of what we do and we’re proud of this group’s achievements.”

“This was the first time we ran the course in house. The energy and enthusiasm of this first group been infectious. Today, a further 27 Knightstone staff have started their journey to become professionally qualified, with 16 starting a new level 3 course and 11 progressing to level 4.”


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