We've launched a home safety campaign

14 September 2015

We've launched a campaign this week to ensure residents stay safe in their homes. 

The cross-channel campaign, which involves a film, social media and website promotion, provides information and advice for residents, such as practical tips for staying safe, and a bite-size overview of the potential risks.

We have a consistent record of 0% overdue gas services and have invested in a new Compliance Team to ensure that any potential risks are robustly managed and all areas of home safety continue to be promoted to residents.

David Greenhalgh, our Assistant Director of Maintenance, said “We’re committed to delivering high quality services that keep our residents safe, whether it's gas, fire, asbestos or legionella management.

It’s really important that, as part of this, we provide good, clear advice to residents about potential risks, so that we can work with them to ensure their homes remain safe, secure places to live.”

To find out more, click here


  • Rosie

    Nice graphics - clever.

  • Kirsty @ Knightstone

    Thanks Rosie :)

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