We've published our report on our social impact in communities

18 September 2015

This week we've published a report into the social impact of our Individual and Community Empowerment service.

The report focuses on the outcomes achieved as a result of our investment in our Individual and Community Empowerment service. This service aims to build the skills, confidence and independence of residents and sustainability of communities.

The report follows months of evidence gathering and measuring, using the “four pillar approach”; a research model designed by New Philanthropy Capital, and the HACT value calculator and survey.

We're one of the first housing associations in the country to produce a report of this kind.

The report found:

Mark Beard, our Director of Customer and Community Operations, said “We strive to be the leading investor in homes, people and their communities in Somerset and the West of England. Delivering and measuring our social impact is absolutely crucial for us to realise this purpose. We don’t simply provide roofs over people’s heads; we help people to create places of stability and safety, where they can make their homes and build their lives. 

“The four pillar method allowed us to take a considered approach to our service delivery, to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how we’re performing, relative to our investment and our business objectives.

“We believe it’s essential to be transparent and to evidence how our investment delivers social, environmental and financial results for our residents and communities.”

We plan to embed the learning from the measurement process by developing a social value policy that staff across the business can use to inform services and chart progress.

The Social Impact Report summary can be found here.


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