We were finalists at the national 24housing Awards

09 October 2015

We were proud to be finalists in the ‘Welfare Wise’ category at the national 24housing Awards last night.

The 24housing Awards recognise outstanding organisations and individuals who've demonstrated their ability to thrive in the face of a changing housing landscape. We were shortlisted in the Welfare Wise category in recognition of our work to support residents through the Government’s welfare reforms, which have seen significant cuts and other changes in the benefits system. 

Lynette Nigh, Assistant Director for Housing Management, said: “To be shortlisted was great recognition for the hard work we’ve put in to supporting our residents at a time that has been very challenging for many. Our strategy for working through the welfare reforms has been both wide-reaching and successful. 

“At a strategic level, we've changed how and where we work to ensure we’re in a strong position to manage the impacts of austerity and welfare reform.  And we’ve worked hard to strengthen the financial resilience of our residents and ensure they know where to turn at the earliest stages of experiencing trouble with money.”

Our flagship campaign, Be Money Ready, recognises the financial challenges that many people on low incomes are facing. Through our dedicated website – www.bemoneyready.co.uk - we offer advice and practical tips to help people make every penny count through safe, low cost borrowing, savings and savvy shopping. 

We know the ultimate measure of the success of our strategy is the level of rent debt our residents are experiencing. Our rent debt levels have continually reduced over the last three years, with current arrears levels below the sector average. With over 80% of our residents saying they’d turn to us for advice if they're struggling with money, we're confident that this will continue.


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