Well done Jenny!

30 November 2015

Congratulations to Jenny Weir, one of our Tenancy Enforcement Officers, for being awarded an Excellence in Practice award for her contribution to the South Gloucestershire domestic abuse work.

South Gloucestershire Council hold awards for people who make a positive contribution to the domestic abuse arena. Jenny was presented with a certificate and lovely bunch of flowers. The certificate says:

“Jenny has won this award due to the positive contributions that she makes towards the MARAC process in South Gloucestershire. She has an infectious enthusiasm at the meetings and is always trying to push boundaries to help support victims of domestic abuse. Jenny is the perfect example of what Housing Association officers should be like. If there were more of her I am sure more victims of domestic abuse would receive good levels of support from their housing provider. I think it’s important to acknowledge that domestic abuse isn’t part of her core role and that it is her sheer passion and drive that means that victims of domestic abuse receive a good service from Knightstone and are protected.”

Well done Jenny!


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