Taking action on missed appointments

07 March 2016

Missed appointments are a real pain. We record around 350 missed appointments every month, for repairs, new kitchens and bathrooms, and other really important work that we must do to keep you and your families safe.

So, why are we bothered? 

These missed appointments mean:

Missed appointments also cost us a huge amount of money – about £90 for each appointment missed. We’ve calculated that we lose more than £350,000 due to missed appointments every year. This is money we should have spent on improving homes or doing other important work.

Whether appointments are missed by our residents, our contractors or our staff, it's a very frustrating and costly issue. So we’ve been looking at ways we can tackle the problem together. To start this process, we emailed a survey to a number of residents and had over 430 responses. Click here to look at the results.

This is what we're planning to do next. We will: 

 We plan to complete this work by the end of September 2016.


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