We've launched a new customer research framework

06 May 2016

We've announced a new Customer Research Services Framework, to provide housing associations and local authorities with easy access to expert customer research consultants, without the need for lengthy procurement processes.

After a thorough and competitive tendering process, we've appointed three consultants to the framework: Voluntas, In-house Research and TTi Global Research.

Each of the consultants brings with them a strong skillset and experience of delivering high quality customer research across a range of sectors.

We intend to partner with Voluntas for the duration of the four-year framework to undertake a high quality customer research programme, which they believe will provide actionable insight and understanding across their services.

Michael O’Halloran, our Operations Intelligence, Policy & Practice Manager, said: “This has been an exciting project and we’re looking forward to rolling out our new programme across our services. We believe the results and information gathered from our customers will be influential in helping us to deliver great customer service in the future.

“We’re confident that our new arrangements for customer research will help us to identify and understand our customers’ priorities and their expectations of our services. In understanding what helps drive their satisfaction, we’ll be better able to make the right decisions for our business and our customers, targeting action to those areas that will have the most impact on customer satisfaction while delivering value for money.”

Dylan Chipp, Executive Director at Voluntas, said: We’re delighted to have been selected as Knightstone’s main partner in their customer research project, and we will act as a trusted ambassador for Knightstone’s brand, with its customers, peers and stakeholders. Our aim is to make a meaningful and significant contribution to the housing sector through our customer research expertise, delivering valuable customer insight and value for money. We’re looking forward to getting started!”

Any housing association looking to carry out customer research work can access our Customer Research Services Framework. All enquiries about the framework should go to Laura Rychlewski, our Intelligence Officer: laura.rychlewski@knightstone.co.uk or 01934 526335.


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