Grounds maintenance

We have grounds maintenance companies who make sure the green areas of our neighbourhoods are tidy and well looked after. They’re much more green fingered than we are!

Countrywide are the main grounds maintenance contractors who cover over 95% of our neighbourhoods, with three smaller ground maintenance companies, Elm Tree, Acorn and C and D services covering the rest. They keep our gardens and outside areas tidy.

They’ll visit your neighbourhood at least 12 times a year, to carry out different jobs, depending on the time of year. Some of these jobs will be extra to contract with additional costs - for example: gritting, snow and ice clearance.

When will grounds maintenance visit?

They’ll visit your neighbourhood once a month from November to March, then every two weeks (depending on weather) from April to the end of October.

What will they do when they visit?

Here’s what our grounds maintenance contractors, Countrywide, will do when they visit:

  • Cut grass
    Usually in March and then every two weeks until the end of October
  • Remove litter
    They may have to come back for larger items if they don’t have space on their van
  • Remove weeds
    By hand or with chemicals if needed. This does not apply to grassed or lawned areas
  • Check, clear and clean hard areas
    Usually three times a year, sometimes more often if they’re really dirty, and you’ll see different areas cleaned on separate visits as part of a rolling cycle
  • Prune shrubs
    Usually while they’re not in flower (November to February), or more often if they cause a hazard or obstruction
  • Prune hedges
    Usually twice a year (first by September), and they’ll look out for bird nesting and other animals.

If you’d like any work to be done to trees, please speak to us as another company looks after trees for us.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.