9 September

Inspire and educate: LiveWest collaboration celebrates biodiversity

We are inspiring awareness of the budding ecosystem at Ladden Garden Village though a series of family fun events
photo of sunflowers

We are celebrating nature and biodiversity at Ladden Garden Village, Yate, with a calendar of nature-inspired activities over the next few months.

Ladden Garden Village is a new mixed development of 2000 homes. Though the development is still being constructed, 148 of the 600 social housing properties are currently occupied by LiveWest customers.

The upcoming events are part of a collaboration between LiveWest and Ladden Garden Village Biodiversity Group which consists of LiveWest residents and private residents. 

We want to celebrate biodiversity and inspire awareness of the budding ecosystem that is expected to flourish across the development, over the years to come. 

As we encourage others to participate in helping to plan and organise events for their community, we hope to build a community that lives in harmony with wildlife.

Marie Burke, Community Connector at LiveWest, said: “We are really excited to be collaborating with the community of Ladden Garden Village in creating a calendar of nature-inspired events.

“LiveWest is committed to creating a greener future for our customers, colleagues and families. Events like these are a steppingstone to increasing awareness of the role we all play in safeguarding our environment. 

“The Biodiversity Group had their first event in July. It was a fun-filled day of planting sunflowers in Brisham Park. 

“This project started in April with the giving out of sunflower kits and culminated in the planting of the sunflowers in July.

“LiveWest provided the kits that were needed for the planting and everyone enjoyed the day together.

“We hope that our customers and the community of Ladden Garden Village will be inspired by these events to engage with nature and become more environmentally aware.”

Dean Miles, Lead Volunteer at Ladden Garden Village Biodiversity Group, said: “As a resident and neighbourhood watch coordinator for Ladden Garden Village, Marie has helped us a great deal to connect with local councillors, Avon and Somerset Police and the Parish Church. 

“This has allowed us to reach out and set up regular calls and joint events for the benefit of our community. 

“The biodiversity project that is in progress would not have existed without the funding and organisation from Marie to bring the right people together and drive forward ideas and tasks. We now have an event planned in a few weeks’ time with beekeepers and extra activities.

LGV appreciates the hard work and time Marie has put into the community and as a result we are seeing so many positive things come out of it.”

Hywel Snook, Community Minister at Yate Parish, said: “It was a lovely afternoon planting the sunflowers in the park, even though it was really hot. 

“We’re very pleased to support the residents in any way we can and are looking forward to the future events over the coming months.”

Earlier this month, we hosted the Bee’s Needs event, for families to learn about bees and the important role that they play in our environment. 

In October, we will be hosting the Brilliant Bats and Nocturnal Nature event, offering an evening out in nature with the family. This Halloween-inspired evening will feature craft activities that will keep the kids entertained and educate them about all the wildlife that comes alive in the night. We are still finalising plans around this event so, if you have any ideas or would like to get involved, please do let us know. 

We would love to hear your ideas about any future events you would like to see in your community. If you or any friends and family would like to get involved or volunteer with the Ladden Garden Village Biodiversity Group, please contact LiveWest Community Connector, Marie Burke: Marie.Burke@livewest.co.uk 
Residents can also keep up with what is happening in their community by joining the Ladden Garden Village People Facebook Group. Residents can also check out the new community notice board that is being installed near the new Home from Home Pavilion on Leechpool Way.

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